Visual Effects

Pre-rendered, Blender: 2013

This is one of several cut scenes that I created for a USAF licensed mobile game.

Transformers 2, VFX: 2009 ‎(Xbox 360)‎

My contributions to Transformers 2 the video game at Luxoflux was:

Creating visual effects for real-time rendered cut-scenes, as shown in this video.
Creation and support of a Particle Library Tool for the VFX team (C#).

CoD3, Ultimate Spider-Man, VFX: 2005-2006 (Xbox)

My contributions to Call Of Duty 3 was creating in-game heavy weapon effects. And environmental effects for several levels.

My primarily contribution to Ultimate Spider-man was the creation of the visual effects attached to or originating from the characters in the game.
These effects used a combination of particles with stylized hand painted textures, and C++ driven dynamically created, and animated geometry. 
My secondary contributions were some weather, and environmental visual effects, as seen in this video.

Ink looking smoke simulation

Here's a work-in-progress of a complex smoke simulation, created using 200,000 particles, and a dense 3D volume. 

Lego Character Animation - 2000

I based this Lego character after myself, I designed and animated him for the game Lego Alpha Team. 

Redline Games, and ThirdWorld Logos - 1998

Here are the Redline games and ThirdWorld logos that I made back in 1998 using Lightwave 3D.